Dr. Christine Chen, MD

Dr. Christine Chen, MD

Since her arrival to Cayman in 2010, pediatrician, Dr. Christine Chen has been serving the medical needs of the children of our community. She joined The Children’s Health Task Force arm of The Cayman Heart Fund in 2011, participating in health screenings and nutritional education at various daycare centers and educational institutions in Grand Cayman. 

She has served as a board director from 2013 till present.

To address the growing concerns of childhood obesity, she co-founded the Get Active initiative along with her husband Michael. She has been the driving force behind the Get Active activity zone at the Heart Fund’s health fairs, The Get Active Challenge Program for teens, and The Get Active Summer Cooking Camps. These programs are designed to motivate children and their families to adopt a healthier lifestyle through dietary education and regular physical activity. 

In acknowledgment of her founding work with The Get Active Program, she was awarded as an “Emerging Pioneer in Health Services” at the 2015 National Heroes Day Awards Celebration.

Dr. Christine currently works at the Centre for Women, Family and Child Health and is the proud mother to daughter Ella.