Team Nolan

Every child born with a complex structural heart malformation has a story. There are no feet too small that cannot leave an impression on this world. It is a world where parents kiss their children and pray with everything they have as they are wheeled off to an operating room. It is a world of scars that tell stories of tubes and constant beeping monitors. It is a journey through a whole host of difficult challenges. They endure far more than most in their few short years than many adults will in a lifetime. When you consider how much adversity some of these babies overcome and still have a smile on their face, it is clear that each of them has earned their superhero designation (hence the name warriors or angels). These children no matter how long or short a time we have them, they are our heroes, our greatest gifts and we are forever changed.


Our son Nolan Rory Evans was diagnosed with TRUNCUS ARTERIOSUS at Health City on June 2017 and gained his wings on Jan 25 at 12:13 AM at Miami-Nicklaus Children Hospital. Nolan fought for 7 months one of the more complex congenital heart defect TRUNCUS ARTERIOSUS TYPE II (he was born with a single artery (Common Trunk) instead of two; the pulmonary artery and the aorta.


Nolan had an incredible strength; he spent almost all his life hospitalized and made it through 7 major surgeries including 2 open-heart procedures during his short life of 7 months and 3 days. Everyone that had the privilege of meeting Nolan loved him spontaneously and he touched the hearts of many people.


We Nolan’s parents have used the tragedy of losing our son Nolan to inspire us to

hold events in our son’s memory such as the HEART WARRIORS & ANGELS BEACH WALK now held annually each February on CHD awareness week and the annual KIDFEST event held at Pedro St James each June. We are the founders of Team Nolan Pediatric Program which has raised more than $45,000 in donations for our cause between 2018 and 2019. Team Nolan were also instrumental in having the Nolan Evans Memorial Bench unveiled and installed at Health City’s main lobby in honor of what would have been baby Nolan’s second birthday. The bench serves as a wonderful memento and was conceived as one of Team Nolan’s instruments to be used in our mission of raising CHD awareness.


Team Nolan’s Pediatric Program’s mission is to champion to raise local CHD awareness and provide financial assistance to families in Cayman when their child suffers from a congenital heart defect, assisting them with expenses associated with urgent pediatric cardiology healthcare.