The Cayman Heart Fund (CHF) is a non-profit, non-government organization dedicated to the reduction of heart and circulatory disease in the Cayman Islands. Heart and circulatory disease, known as cardiovascular disease (CVD), is the number one health problem in the Cayman Islands.

Our aim is to help prevent and reduce the early deaths, long-term disabilities and widespread suffering that heart and circulatory diseases cause our people.

Suzy Soto founded the Cayman Heart Fund in 2007, at her own birthday party at the Cracked Conch.

“It was the first fundraising event,” she said, “although it wasn’t a gala, it was my birthday.”

In 2001, Mrs. Soto had a pacemaker implanted, “and a lot of people were asking me about it. I said I’d like to start a heart fund. I was at the age where I wanted to give back,” although few would argue that Mrs. Soto had not already spent a lifetime helping shape and propel the Cayman Islands community.

Instead of birthday gifts she asked for checks from the attendees. Dr. Shirley Cridland and Dr. Sook Yin then joined the Cayman Heart Fund’s inaugural Board of Directors.