The Cayman Heart Fund (CHF) is putting a focus on heart health. Its annual Heart Health Week kicks off tomorrow (17 March). Heart disease is the number one killer in the Western world. The aim of the week is to educate the public about ways to prevent cardiovascular disease. Dr. Bella Beraha of the Heart Fund says “knowledge is power, that is the way we are doing to conquer this disease.”

Heart Week starts with a symposium for medical professionals. Doctors from top medical facilities will share information about the latest treatment and methods being used to treat heart disease. Participants will be able to earn CME points by attending the symposium. The symposium will take place on 17 & 18 March.

Following the symposium will be CHF’s annual Ruby Luncheon. This is an annual fundraiser that will help the organisation continue its various educational programmes. Dr. Yvonne Johnson of Baptist Health South Florida will serve as the keynote speaker at the luncheon. She say women need to be extra vigilant about heart disease because symptoms don’t manifest the way it does in men. “It’s more subtle; abdominal pain, fatigue, anxiety symptoms.” She goes on to say there are several risk factors of heart disease. Some of those factors, like family history, can’t be changed, but others like diet and exercise, are within a woman’s control. Following the luncheon there will be an expo focused on women’s heart health.

The week will end with a health fair on Saturday (19 March). There will be free cardiac risk screenings, that will look at blood pressure, BMI, blood sugar, and cholesterol. Anyone wishing to get a screening should not eat or drink 10 hours prior to the test. There will also be activities for children, including a special Get Active Kids Zone.