Proceeds from the third annual Deputy Governor’s 5K (DG 5K) run/walk will go towards our mission to purchase a new ambulance for the Health Services Authority.

In 2014 during its first year, the DG 5K raised more than $12,000 to help support Derek Haines with his 6 for Hospice; and last year it donated $50,000 to Special Olympics Cayman Islands, to help cover expenses for the 2015 games in Los Angeles.

Deputy Governor Hon. Franz Manderson said he likes to support charities who’s work is clearly visible for all to see.

“I want to support charities that are doing something specific. So in the first year we gave to the Hospice who was building a building; so you would see a building has gone up. Last year we were aiding Special Olympics because they were travelling to LA, and we got to see them go. We saw them on TV, which was a really proud moment. So this year again we are supporting the Cayman Islands Heart Fund, specifically for them to get a new ambulance; so you can see exactly where your money has gone, and when you see that ambulance driving down the road you can say I was a part of that,” said Mr. Manderson.

The 2016 DG 5K logo was unveiled during a press conference at the Government Administrative Building. The logo, which was designed by the Government GIS team, features the signature shop print of the run/walk, as well as a large heart and even an ambulance.

If all goes as planned, the ambulance should be up and running in Cayman by Christmas. The next major fundraiser will be the Red Dress Gala. If you would like tickets, stop by JJSK Collection or call 916-6324.