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Honouring the late Capt. Robert Hamity
Our very First Heart Hero

A man best described by the word resilience and best known for his kindness. He will be missed by all.

We offer our heartfelt condolences to the amazing family of Capt. “Robbie” Hamaty, or very first Cayman Heart Fund Hero. Robbie and his lovely wife Carlene supported the CHF from the beginning attending our fund raisers whenever he was able.

Capt. Hamaty, contracted a flu-like virus and the infection went to his heart causing the heart to fail. Miraculously, Robbie received a heart transplant at Jackson Memorial Hospital in 1996 from a 27-year-old pilot who’d had the foresight to give permission for his organs to be donated and sadly was killed in a sky-diving accident. As an almost perfect match for the tissue, Mr. Hamaty received the transplant immediately.
Thankful for the chance to carry on his life, Mr. Hamaty urged the government to introduce a law to allow organ donations and transplants to take place locally. The law, which was passed in 2013, came into effect in 2018.
Capt. Hamaty worked hard on this and Cayman’s future will be a bit brighter as the full process of this legislation is completed. So we wish the family the very best, as Capt. “Robbie” leaves a great legacy behind.
We feel very fortunate as Robbie was our guest speaker and read his favourite poem at our recent Heart Heroes luncheon, which should make everyone stand up and take notice especially at this time of our lives. Here is the poem. 

The Cayman Heart Fund extends our deepest sympathy to his family and friends. We will grieve the loss of a true heart hero.

Heart Warriors & Angels Beach Walk

Raising awareness of CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) Week

Four months of hard work and beyond went into Team Nolan’s 2nd Annual Heart Warriors & Angels Beach Walk in honor of Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) Awareness week 2020 and in memory of an undoubtedly beautiful Heart Warrior.

Team Nolan Paediatric Programme is the Paediatric Arm of the Cayman Heart Fund and is a not-for profit that was inspired by the courage of Heart Hero baby Nolan Evans who lost his fight to a complex congenital heart disease known as Truncus Arteriosus in January 2018.

Team Nolan is very grateful to all of this year’s wonderful supporters including His Excellency Governor Martyn Roper, the Deputy Governor Honorable Franz Manderson, all of the Volunteers, sponsors and more than 250 participants in this year’s beach walk. All of this support culminated in this event being extremely successful in meeting all of Team Nolan’s targets.

The mission of Team Nolan is to raise local congenital heart disease awareness and to financially assist local families with CHD babies; through fundraising efforts such as the annual Heart Warriors & Angels Beach Walk and Kidfest events. In June 2019 Team Nolan donated the Nolan Evans Memorial Bench to Health City’s main lobby, which illustrates CHD awareness messages for all to see when passing through the hospital’s lobby.

Incubator Donated to Hospital Neonatal Unit
Providing necessary care to neonates and premature infants

On Monday March 2nd 2020, the Health Services Authority Maternity’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) held a special ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate their brand new Neonatal Transport Incubator donated by Team Nolan, the Pediatric arm of the Cayman Heart Fund. This state-of-the-art, high-performance incubator transports neonates safely, comfortably and with a minimum of stress. It can be taken nearly anywhere and still provide the warm, safe environment and quick access necessary for optimal neonate care.

Charmin Fennell, HSA Maturity Ward Nurse Manager, said, “We are truly grateful for Team Nolan for being amazing advocates for neonatal care here in the Cayman Islands. The New Transport Incubator in our NICU will bolster our current resources greatly and enables us to provide necessary care to our neonates and premature infants needing to be transported outside of HSA for care. It will also be utilized for intradepartmental transfers as well.”

Ailian Evans, CHF Board Member & Founder of Team Nolan, said, “I’m elated to see that our efforts are making such a difference in the Cayman community. This new neonatal transport incubator will benefit the most vulnerable patients, such as premature infants or infants with critical health issues and it will keep them safe while being transported to another healthcare facility for further treatment and/or care.”

Donations such as this important piece of medical equipment serve as  proof that Team Nolan’s fund raising initiatives are all very much worth the expended time and effort. This well needed incubator will help serve, not only babies with congenital heart disease, but other babies born prematurely or in distress.

Our AED Programme

AED Programme 

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can strike adults and children of any fitness level at any time, in any location. When a person collapses in SCA, every second is vital to save that person’s brain and heart. Performing immediate Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) can give this person the best possible chance of survival!

Watch this video to see how these small portable AEDs can deliver an electric shock to a person’s heart to help it return to a normal beating rhythm. Performing swift CPR with an AED can literally bring a person back to life! This is why the Cayman Heart Fund is focusing its efforts on a program to place AED units in key places around the Cayman Islands where they can be quickly deployed in cases of cardiac arrest.

Eat smart. Move more. Be well.

Ways to improve your cardiovascular health

Whether you are already running down the path to a healthier heart or just beginning to take baby steps on this life changing journey, there are lots of things you can do to improve your heart health.

Ready to become a volunteer?

Our volunteers may not always feel like they have the time, but they certainly have the heart.

Cayman Heart Fund's Mission

Our mission is to Improve cardiovascular health for all in the Cayman Islands, through educating the public, influencing policy, and supporting access to high quality care through various programs and initiatives. Please contact the Cayman Heart Fund if you're interested in assisting us with our goals, volunteering or learning more about our events.


Educate the public to prevent heart disease, stroke and risk factors.

  • Deliver targeted prevention, nutrition and fitness education.
  • Increase health screenings for at risk populations.
  • Deliver programs that lower obesity rates and other risk factors.

Influence policy and investments to support healthier lifestyles.

  • Influence government and private sector to improve the population’s health and fitness.
  • Expand our reach and effectiveness through health service partners.
  • Influence the child food, nutrition and physical fitness policies.

Support access to high quality care and lifesaving equipment.

  • Support Basic Life Saving training.
  • Fund lifesaving tools including AEDs and modern health services equipment.
  • Assist individuals who need timely access to treatment.

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